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We focus on elevating the careers of Temporary Works Engineers in the structural engineering sector. Our expertise lies in aligning your skills and ambitions with roles that advance both your technical acumen and professional development. We understand that your career is a journey, one that should harmoniously integrate your personal goals with your professional aspirations.

Our commitment extends beyond job matching. We offer comprehensive support through the application and interview stages, enhancing your prospects for success. We are more than just a service; we are your partner in navigating the complexities of the job market and achieving your aspirations in the field of structural engineering. Trust us to guide your career to its next significant milestone.

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Our extensive network, built over years of dedicated involvement in the industry, includes engineering companies and niche building services consultancies to large, internationally acclaimed multidisciplinary firms, as well as design and construct contractors, developers, builders, and client-side organisations.

Our distinct position in the industry provides Temporary Works Engineers with access to a diverse range of engaging and rewarding positions. We open doors to environments where your skills are valued and your career aspirations are prioritised. Our dedication lies in finding you a role that not only challenges but also pushes you to attain the professional milestones you are aiming for.

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Our approach is tailored and discerning. We personalise our services to meet your specific needs. We focus on understanding your individual strengths and career goals, enabling us to match you with ideal Temporary Works Engineering positions. Our partnerships with top engineering firms, known for their prowess in temporary works and structural design, allow us access to exclusive hiring opportunities, including roles not available on the open market. 

This enables us to offer you distinctive roles, involving innovative Temporary Works projects. We aim to align your unique skills with positions that not only challenge but also enhance your learning and growth in this niche area. If advancing your career in Temporary Works Engineering is your goal, our expert recruitment team is dedicated to helping you.

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With a deep understanding of Temporary Works Engineering, we effectively match your distinct skills with employers that complement them perfectly. Our knowledge of the unique workings of specialised consultancies in Temporary Works Engineering grants our candidates access to a wide range of unique and fulfilling job opportunities. 

Such opportunities are invaluable for Temporary Works Engineers, allowing you to not only utilise and refine your existing technical skills but also to acquire new abilities. Our approach is centred on real career advancement, ensuring you are placed in roles where your talents are both recognised and cultivated for ongoing professional development. If you’re interested in exploring a new career, contact our friendly recruitment team today.

Temporary Works Engineering FAQs

Salaries for temporary works engineers vary based on expertise and focus areas. 

  • Graduates in temporary works engineering can expect $58,000 - $65,000.
  • Junior temporary works engineers can earn $63,000 - $78,000.
  • Mid-level engineers with several years under their belt can earn $78,000 - $100,000.
  • Senior temporary works engineers can earn $105,000 - $135,000.
  • Associate temporary works engineers can secure $140,000 - $160,000.
  • Engineering Managers can anticipate $155,000 - $190,000.
  • Directors ofcan earn $210,000 - $280,000.


*Note: Salary does not include super, may differ based on specialisation, location, qualifications, and an individual's portfolio or project history.

Additional skills which may benefit anyone considering a job as a hydraulic engineer include:

  • Knowledge of hydraulic plumbing systems, such as hot & cold water reticulation, sanitary, wastewater and drainage
  • A plumbing trades background is always seen upon favourable, but not essential
  • Understanding of the design and construction lifecycle
  • Knowledge of the Building Codes of Australia and Australian Standards
  • Skills in softwares such as AutoCAD and Revit MEP are sometimes preferred, not not essential
  • Excellent report writing skills
  • Ability to coordinate with other disciplines, and take on other people's viewpoints
  • Ability to use initiative, and think outside of the box\

Essential skills for temporary works engineers encompass:

  • A good understanding and demonstrative experience of civil engineering design valued engineering and other related technical design elements.
  • A practical-minded hands-on approach coupled with excellent communication and people skill
  • Chartership is considered a major benefit

For temporary works engineers, numerous pathways exist. Engineers can focus on niche technical areas, spearhead project teams, or ascend to managerial positions within an engineering firm.

Transitioning to onsite project management offer other valid routes. With significant experience, affiliations with Australian Engineering Institutions or acquiring advanced certifications can significantly uplift career trajectories.

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