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At Connexus Recruitment, we lead the recruitment realm for façade engineering roles. Delve into job opportunities that promise renewed challenges and the potential to redefine your career path. Our team, made up of specialised recruiters, is here to guide you through the intricate world of façade engineering.

Every engineering firm has its distinct culture and needs. We take the time to genuinely understand your goals and abilities, ensuring a connection that fosters both your personal and career development. Eager to make a pivotal career transition?

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With the ever-evolving engineering domain, façade engineering is a specialised skill set, in high demand. We're here to offer the insights and direction you need to make confident career decisions. Staying attuned to industry dynamics, we connect you to the most congruent roles within elite design firms, allowing you to passionately pursue your career.

Connexus Recruitment is committed to helping façade engineers excel in their chosen roles. Our robust relationships with a vast range of façade firms ensure that we can point you towards your next dream role.

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Spotting your potential in façade engineering is what we excel at, but we also acknowledge that each candidate has unique aspirations. Hence, we customise our strategy to sync you with roles that align with your dreams.

Our deep-rooted ties with top-tier façade firms present unmatched opportunities, many of which remain unadvertised to the public. Ready to embrace a new opportunity? Talk with our expert team today.


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Façade Engineering
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We understand what you want from a career but every job seeker is different, that’s why we listen to your needs and only match you to the right opportunities. We have a strong network of engineering firms who trust us with their hiring needs, which means many of the roles we work on are never advertised. If you’re interested in exploring a new career, contact our friendly recruitment team today.

Façade Engineering FAQs

The earnings of façade engineers vary based on their expertise and niche. 

Graduates in façade engineering typically earn $58,000 - $65,000.
Junior façade engineers can expect $63,000 - $78,000.
Mid-career façade engineers with several years under their belt can make $80,000 - $100,000. Senior façade engineers range from $105,000 - $135,000.
Associate Facade Engineers can draw $140,000 - $160,000.
Façade Managers typically see $155,000 - $190,000.
Directors can command $210,000 - $280,000.

*Note: Salary does not include super, may differ based on specialisation, location, qualifications, and an individual's portfolio or project history.

Key skills for façade engineers encompass: 

  • Expertise in Parametric Design tools such as Grasshopper, Dynamo and Generative Components
  • Expertise in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tools such as ANYS, Abaqus and SAP 2000. 
  • Expertise in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tools such as Fluent and Rhino. 
  • An in-depth grasp of façade principles and the construction lifecycle. 
  • Awareness of Australia's façade standards and regulations. 
  • Effective communication and presentation skills. 

Façade engineers have a wealth of career development paths. They can hone their technical façade skills, lead façade project groups, or ascend into managerial positions within a firm.

Moreover,  shifting to client-centric project management is an equally promising route. For those deeply immersed in the field, joining Australian Façade Associations or acquiring niche certifications can greatly enhance career trajectories.

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