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At Connexus Recruitment, our focus is to help take your career in Acoustic Engineering to its fullest potential. With a discerning eye for matching candidate skills and aspirations to the right roles, our team specialises in opening doors to opportunities that foster skill enhancement and professional growth in the field of acoustics. We are dedicated to understanding your unique profile and leveraging it to secure positions that not only fulfil your career objectives but also align with your aspirations.

Recognising that each company possesses its unique offerings, we meticulously assess what environment will best complement your talents and interests. Once ideal opportunities are pinpointed, we provide personalised coaching through each step of the application and interview process. Our commitment is to enhance your prospects of achieving a fulfilling career in Acoustic Engineering, making Connexus Recruitment the key partner in your job search.

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Meet the Engineering Consultancies That Can Advance Your Career.

At Connexus Recruitment, we specialise in bridging the gap between your career goals and your ideal job. Our expansive network, cultivated through dedicated service over the years, encompasses a wide range of leading engineering firms. This includes boutique building services engineering consultancies, global multi-disciplinary engineering firms, as well as design and construction contractors, builders, developers, and client-side entities.

Our strong relationships with these diverse companies enable us to offer Acoustic Engineers access to a variety of roles that are tailored to foster both professional and personal growth. By partnering with Connexus, you gain insider access to valuable opportunities, ensuring that you find a position that not only matches your skills and aspirations but also provides a nurturing environment for your career development.

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At Connexus Recruitment, our intricate understanding of both the job market and the specific needs within the engineering and building services industry enables us to create perfect alignments between job seekers and employers. Our extensive network includes numerous engineering firms that trust us exclusively with their recruitment, offering access to a range of roles that often remain unadvertised.

This positions us uniquely to connect talented Acoustic Engineers with opportunities that not only capitalise on their strengths but also expose them to new and exciting projects. These roles are carefully selected to ensure they offer substantial learning experiences, catering specifically to the dynamic and intricate nature of work within the Acoustic Engineering sector. If you're seeking to broaden your horizons and take on new challenges in Acoustic Engineering, our dedicated recruitment team is ready to guide you.

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At Connexus, our ability to expertly match Acoustic Engineers with employers who not only value their specific skills but also align with their professional ethos and vision ensures we stand out. Our knowledge of the unique aspects of specialist consultancies in Acoustic Engineering enables us to provide candidates with access to job opportunities that are both diverse and challenging. These opportunities are tailored to expose you to a range of projects, each offering its own set of unique challenges and learning experiences. This exposure is instrumental in enhancing your technical capabilities and further developing your skills. 

By partnering with Connexus, you are positioned for true career growth, gaining access to roles that will not only challenge you but also propel your career in Acoustic Engineering forward.

Acoustic Engineering FAQs

The expected salary for an acoustic engineer varies as you become more experienced.

  • Newly trained graduate acoustic engineers can earn $60,000 - $67,000
  • Junior acoustic engineers can earn $65,000 - $80,000
  • Intermediate acoustic engineers with some experience can earn $80,000 - $105,000
  • Senior acoustic engineers can earn $110,000 - $140,000.*
  • Associate acoustic engineers can earn $145,000 - $165,000.*
  • Principal acoustic engineers can earn $160,000 - $190,000.*
  • Associate Directors can earn $180,000 - $220,000.*
  • Directors can earn $240,000 - $300,000.*

*Salary may depend on discipline, location, qualifications, accreditations and network/ability to generate business.

Additional skills which may benefit anyone considering a job as an acoustics engineer include:

  • Broad knowledge of Acoustics within Buildings and/or Infrastructure environments, including noise and vibrations
  • Understanding of the design and construction lifecycle
  • Knowledge of the Building Codes of Australia and Australian Standards
  • Skills in modelling softwares such as SoundPLAN
  • Excellent report writing skills
  • Ability to coordinate with other disciplines, and take on other people's viewpoints
  • Ability to use initiative, and think outside of the box

A: Acoustic engineers work across a wide range of industries. Some specialise in construction, building services, renewable energy and transport systems. With chartered engineer status, you could move into design and senior engineer roles or project management. You could also become an engineering consultant and set your own salary.

Once you are fully qualified, you could apply for chartered status at the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) or another construction engineering institution licensed by the Engineering Council. This would improve your job prospects and help you progress in your career.

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