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At Connexus Recruitment, we specialise in guiding professionals in the specialised field of Level 3 & HV Engineering towards their ideal career path. Our dedicated team excels in aligning your unique skills and aspirations with opportunities that not only broaden your technical knowledge but also propel your career forward. 


Our tailored and personal approach goes beyond the standard job search; we delve into understanding your specific interests and the type of companies that would best complement your career goals. Once we pinpoint the right opportunities, our role extends to coaching you through the application and interview processes. This comprehensive support is designed to maximise your chances of securing a rewarding and fulfilling career in Level 3 & HV Engineering, marking Connexus Recruitment as your ideal partner in professional advancement.

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At Connexus Recruitment, we understand that a fulfilling career in Level 3 and HV Engineering is about more than just technical proficiency; it's about finding a role that aligns with your personal and professional growth. Our extensive network, built through years of dedicated engagement, includes leading engineering firms from specialised building services consultancies to major global, multidisciplinary firms, as well as design and construct contractors, builders, developers, and client-side entities. This diverse network offers a wide spectrum of career opportunities for Level 3 and HV Engineers.

Our longstanding relationships with these organisations empower us to connect you with job opportunities that are tailored to your career ambitions. We offer insider access to roles that not only utilise your technical skills but also support your personal development and professional advancement. By choosing Connexus, you gain a partner committed to finding you a workplace where you can excel and grow.

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At Connexus Recruitment, our approach is grounded in a deep understanding of both the candidates' needs and the specific requirements of employers in this sector. Our robust network of engineering firms, many of whom exclusively trust us with their recruitment, gives us access to a range of positions that are often not publicly advertised.

This exclusive access allows us to align skilled engineers with roles that not only suit their strengths but also offer them new challenges and opportunities for learning and development. If you are looking to advance your career in Level 3 & HV Engineering and explore new horizons in this dynamic field, our experienced recruitment team is ready to assist you in finding that perfect opportunity.

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At Connexus, our team possesses a profound understanding of this niche area, equipping us to expertly match job seekers with employers who not only value their specific skills but also share a common vision and values. Our insight into the distinctive work of specialist consultancies in the Level 3 & HV Engineering space opens up a world of opportunities for our candidates. When you partner with Connexus, you gain access to a variety of job roles that provide exposure to diverse projects and unique challenges. 

These opportunities are not just about fulfilling job requirements; they are avenues for you to enhance your technical skills and foster personal development. This approach ensures that your career progression in Level 3 & HV Engineering is not just linear but truly transformative, leading to genuine growth and skill advancement.

Level 3 (ASP) or HV Engineering FAQs

The expected salary varies as you become more experienced.

  • Newly trained graduate HV engineers can earn $60,000 - $67,000
  • Junior HV engineers can earn $65,000 - $80,000
  • Intermediate HV engineers with some experience can earn $80,000 - $105,000
  • Senior HV engineers can earn $110,000 - $140,000.*
  • Associate HV engineers can earn $145,000 - $165,000.*
  • Principal HV engineers can earn $160,000 - $190,000.*
  • Associate Directors can earn $180,000 - $220,000.*
  • Directors can earn $240,000 - $300,000.*

*Salary may depend on discipline, location, qualifications, accreditations and network/ability to generate business.

Additional skills which may benefit anyone considering a job as a HV engineer include:

  • Knowledge of substation design, grid/utility connections, power engineering and overhead/underground wiring
  • Understanding of the design and construction lifecycle
  • Knowledge of the Building Codes of Australia and Australian Standards
  • Skills in softwares such as AutoCAD, PowerCAD, AGI32, CDEGS, Poles n Wires
  • Excellent report writing skills
  • Ability to coordinate with other disciplines, and take on other people's viewpoints
  • Ability to use initiative, and think outside of the box

As a HV engineer there is potential to gain experience and move into either technical, project or team leadership within a consultancy environment, step sideways into a utility provider or contractor or take the leap into client-side project management, advisory or even development.

Once you are fully qualified, you could apply for chartered status at the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) or another construction engineering institution licensed by the Engineering Council. This would improve your job prospects and help you progress in your career. You could also apply for NER (National Engineering Register) or Level 3 ASP.

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