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At Connexus Recruitment, we lead the pack in recruiting for stormwater engineering roles. Delve into a variety of positions and fresh challenges that could redefine your career path. Our group of recruitment experts is steadfast in guiding you through the stormwater engineering landscape.

Every engineering firm boasts its individual culture and demands. We go the extra mile to truly understand your goals and talents, ensuring a pairing that enriches both your personal and professional journey.

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Traversing the variety of stormwater engineering opportunities can be intimidating when your skills are in high demand.

We deliver the direction and expertise needed to make well-informed career decisions. Being attuned to the industry's heartbeat, we connect you with the most apt positions in premier engineering firms, giving you the confidence to shape the career you want.

Our commitment at Connexus Recruitment is to enable stormwater engineers to excel. Our broad ties with countless engineering consultancies ensure that we can lead you to your next perfect role.

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Stormwater Engineering
Recruitment Experts

Identifying your promise in stormwater engineering is our specialty, but we're also keenly aware that each candidate has distinct aspirations. This drives our customised approach, aligning you with openings that echo your goals.

Our broad connections with top-tier engineering firms present exclusive opportunities, many of which remain undisclosed to the public.

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Stormwater Engineering
Recruitment Experts

We understand what you want from a career but every job seeker is different, that’s why we listen to your needs and only match you to the right opportunities. We have a strong network of engineering firms who trust us with their hiring needs, which means many of the roles we work on are never advertised. If you’re interested in exploring a new career, contact our friendly recruitment team today.

Stormwater Engineering FAQs

Salaries for stormwater engineers vary depending on expertise and niche. 

  • Graduates in stormwater engineering can earn $58,000 - $65,000. 
  • Junior stormwater engineers can earn $63,000 - $78,000. 
  • Mid-level engineers with several years of experience can earn $78,000 - $98,000. 
  • Senior stormwater engineers can earn $105,000 - $135,000. *
  • Associate stormwater engineers can earn $140,000 - $160,000. *
  • Associate Directors can earn $155,000 - $190,000. *
  • Directors can earn $210,000 - $280,000.*

*Salary may depend on discipline, location, qualifications, accreditations and network/ability to generate business.

Vital skills for stormwater engineers encompass:

  • Proficiency in software tools such as HEC-RAS, SWMM, and AutoCAD Civil 3D.
  • A solid grasp of hydrological principles and drainage design.
  • Understanding of Australia's water management regulations and guidelines.
  • Effective communication and teamwork capabilities.
  • Adaptability and responsiveness to feedback.
  • An aptitude for innovative approaches and analytical reasoning.

For stormwater engineers, the sky's the limit in professional advancement. Options include specialising in certain hydrological studies, spearheading project teams, or ascending to managerial roles within an engineering enterprise.

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